Welcome to Weather Vane Ice Cream

In 1960, Bill Sage opened a milk store on Washington Avenue. Originally it was intended to pay for his daughter’s college. He sold a variety of food including beef fritters and ice cream. In fact, the ice creme did so well it eventually became just an ice creme shop. Little did he know that it would also become a town staple.

In 1986 Doug and Susan Schulte bought the store, and opened another on Maryville Road. The current owner, Jason Brown bought the Maryville store as an employee in 1996 and a year later bought the Washington store. Since then, Jason has opened two more locations.

Over the years Weather Vane has continued to grow popular in the Granite City area by serving quality products. Weather Vane has participated in many local events such as carnivals, sponsoring little league teams, and holding fundraisers. Today, however, the store has grown upon the original idea and has expanded the menu to offer a larger variety of ice creme.